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Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

We proudly present you

A newly launched family luxury brand that cater to your lavish desires.

We aim to expand the products that our family will offer you but for starters…

Allow us to cater to your senses by releasing our first luxury perfumes,
Chevalier for the gentlemen and Céleste for the ladies.   A classic fragrance line designed to focus on individual entities, captivating each ones character to it’s ultimate sensualities.

Both scents are created to encapsulate masculinity and femininity in their own dominions.  Suitable for your daily use yet, are formulated to be your bold companions to show up at gathering events and occasions.  This makes our first fragrance line Chevalier and  Céleste  worthy front-liners to our collection as we envision the creation of more scents with your support and trust in our family’s brand.
We welcome you to explore each line Chevalier and Céleste.

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